The future now!

Define nutrition, taste and convenience?


In the past you could only choose two. Today with the innovation expertise and knowledgeable team, Valentine food company is giving you all three.

We’re working towards developing more non-GMO foods for our families and yours. Become worry free about what your eating.

We are bringing a natural touch to your table, pantry and freezer.

Local delivery routes are being established Indianola and Des Moines Iowa.

We are listening Iowa,  home cooked, healthy, tasty and convenient.

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the story

tell the true story

Imagination will forever be the tool of the future it cannot be replaced by artificial means.

To quote the great Albert Einstein “knowledge will take you far imagination will take you everywhere”.

These difficult times in our society drives imagination to create an environment that we fear or an environment that makes us smile. We must understand that our creation is driven by our imagination for the purpose of the story and we must convince others is true.

Let your imagination know the true stories not the ones that cause harm for there is good and all people, let it be known that reality is based solely in the story you believe.