The You is me way of life….

I looked around the room last night. Twenty people in the same room setting in the same chairs hoping for a chance for the same position. I set in the front row making conversation with the lady and the desk. It was so quite behind me. I turned and ask the guys and one girl. Why so quite why so nerves. One brave guy piped up “i am not I have a job. Funny, me to I thought, all others are quite then the test starts.

With test in hand  setting looking at the paper. Thinking of each face, I looked into each of there eyes and saw myself. Some I could see pain, some I could see guilt, some I could see shame, some I could see hope and love.

Then I realized the most frighting thing of all. When I walked into the room it was quite. I being the person that I was in the moment had a need to filled the room with the sound of his own voice. Hoping to find laughter.

I only saw fear. They are all me, all of them, everyone and everything. (All I want is to be happy and excepted)

The ME is YOU way… See and treat everyone as they are an extension of yourself.

The Gifts we can only feel

Something given without the expectation of payment.

Often we think of a gift as something that can be seen or given. That a gift must come from someone or someplace.

This is not the case when we discover and admit to feelings. I am give gifts every moment of my life without exception. My friends, my vision, my kids, my wife. This list could go on and no.

One gift I sometimes forget about is the gift of accomplishment. The feeling of seeing my goals becoming reality. How amazing and wonderful that world looks when the goals I set come true.

Time is the only real commodity spend it wisely. (watch this and cry)

#1 Habit for failure! -Words-

Words can be used to describe, explain, tell and question. We use those same words and actions that words represent all day every day. Actions are unspoken words that we allow other people to define based on how we act and interact with the world around us.

#1 Habit has two parts, words and actions.

Habits are used to describe success most of the time. I want to shed insight on how the same concept is used for failure.

Common words used that cause failure. But the D-Bags that use them will blame everyone else.

can’t = actions applied to can’t are not trying, I Don’t give a crap.

Pay-grade = actions applied to Pay-grade are I am a dick and don’t want to try.

They = action applied to They are, I am making an excuse so hopefully you just stop trying and leave me alone because I hate trying. I have no money and blame everyone around me for that. I do all the work around here. And people are stupid.

policy = action applied to policy kiss my ass looser you are wrong its written on paper nothing we can do. I can move on today I did my job.

If you use these words everyday then you are a failure. Know we are here to server others. Simple as that.

What It feels like to ?Understand?

We only want to give. It is our nature to protect, support and supply. We live as men in this simple form designed to never question.

We are little kids wanting to be to super hero of your past. Built to protect, support and supply.

Our bodies will fade but the nature of our design will remain. Compassion fills my soul, this uncomfortable gut feeling knowing I will not have my physical powers ounce used to follow my so called true nature.

Sadness begins to show on my face and through my actions, I began to pull away from the things I ounce loved. Anger takes over.

(The story of the untrue design). We have been told by society and shown by our fathers and there fathers before them how to be this thing called MAN. We all have our own definition in our mind. When the day arrives for our powers, our untrue nature to be striped from our bodies the true you will be forced from its hiding.

My truth is not in what I can do? but who can I become?

I understand, I understand, I understand…….. Nature is us, truth is discovery and life is beautiful. I will never define a man by what he does. I will allow him to define himself through who he is, Love

Dedicated to a Friend I have never met