Success Defined

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Success Defined


“Success is repeatable so is failure”


After browsing hundreds of articles defining success through the eyes of those that write and publish these articles I find a ridiculous notion.


For example common themes that define success that are untrue: For each one of these examples you can find a list of rules that allows you to achieve success. The previously mentioned rules or steps are the repeatable piece that everyone has access to. There are no secrets……


The amount of money you collect

How much stuff you accumulate

Where you live

What you drive

How you dress

The words in your vocabulary

Type of shoes you own

Grade-point average of your children

Religious affiliation

Political standing

Who you know

Education level

Where you work

What you do at work

Chasing your dreams


I believe that success is not the achievement of this list, But what is achieved from the list. when you diligently chase the aforementioned list the resulting emotions are what truly defines success. “All who chase their dreams eventually find their true self” Rob Vandemark












love of others

The truth: “At the quantum level we are all built from the same stuff”

The one thing that causes a human to be a success is a true (Self Image!).

with a true self-image you will find there is little need for money or even success itself. You will understand that even without you on this earth life will continue without you. And with that understanding you can choose to contribute in a positive manner or a negative manner. A true self-image allows you to see the truth within the world. And not focus so intently on other people’s definition of success.


The future now!

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the story

tell the true story

Imagination will forever be the tool of the future it cannot be replaced by artificial means.

To quote the great Albert Einstein “knowledge will take you far imagination will take you everywhere”.

These difficult times in our society drives imagination to create an environment that we fear or an environment that makes us smile. We must understand that our creation is driven by our imagination for the purpose of the story and we must convince others is true.

Let your imagination know the true stories not the ones that cause harm for there is good and all people, let it be known that reality is based solely in the story you believe.

When Is “work” the thing you love?

When is “work” the thing you love?

How do you make a living doing that work?

Can I find / discover / develop that feeling?

at 9:25 – 10.40

“If today were the last day of my life. Would I want to do what I am about to do today. When the answer is no. For too many days in a row. I know I need to change something” Steve Jobs

There’s no magic formula. There’s no easy way, there is just trial and error until you find one day you wake up and you love what you do. When you lose fear and allow courage to guide you. That is when you begin to see what you love to do is simply experience life and give back.

Always strive to be a better version of yourself everyday. You will find you are doing the things you love, you are making a living and you are living with purpose.

The You is me way of life….

I looked around the room last night. Twenty people in the same room setting in the same chairs hoping for a chance for the same position. I set in the front row making conversation with the lady and the desk. It was so quite behind me. I turned and ask the guys and one girl. Why so quite why so nerves. One brave guy piped up “i am not I have a job. Funny, me to I thought, all others are quite then the test starts.

With test in hand  setting looking at the paper. Thinking of each face, I looked into each of there eyes and saw myself. Some I could see pain, some I could see guilt, some I could see shame, some I could see hope and love.

Then I realized the most frighting thing of all. When I walked into the room it was quite. I being the person that I was in the moment had a need to filled the room with the sound of his own voice. Hoping to find laughter.

I only saw fear. They are all me, all of them, everyone and everything. (All I want is to be happy and excepted)

The ME is YOU way… See and treat everyone as they are an extension of yourself.

The Gifts we can only feel

Something given without the expectation of payment.

Often we think of a gift as something that can be seen or given. That a gift must come from someone or someplace.

This is not the case when we discover and admit to feelings. I am give gifts every moment of my life without exception. My friends, my vision, my kids, my wife. This list could go on and no.

One gift I sometimes forget about is the gift of accomplishment. The feeling of seeing my goals becoming reality. How amazing and wonderful that world looks when the goals I set come true.

Time is the only real commodity spend it wisely. (watch this and cry)