Success Defined

boy flying on scateborad

Success Defined


“Success is repeatable so is failure”


After browsing hundreds of articles defining success through the eyes of those that write and publish these articles I find a ridiculous notion.


For example common themes that define success that are untrue: For each one of these examples you can find a list of rules that allows you to achieve success. The previously mentioned rules or steps are the repeatable piece that everyone has access to. There are no secrets……


The amount of money you collect

How much stuff you accumulate

Where you live

What you drive

How you dress

The words in your vocabulary

Type of shoes you own

Grade-point average of your children

Religious affiliation

Political standing

Who you know

Education level

Where you work

What you do at work

Chasing your dreams


I believe that success is not the achievement of this list, But what is achieved from the list. when you diligently chase the aforementioned list the resulting emotions are what truly defines success. “All who chase their dreams eventually find their true self” Rob Vandemark












love of others

The truth: “At the quantum level we are all built from the same stuff”

The one thing that causes a human to be a success is a true (Self Image!).

with a true self-image you will find there is little need for money or even success itself. You will understand that even without you on this earth life will continue without you. And with that understanding you can choose to contribute in a positive manner or a negative manner. A true self-image allows you to see the truth within the world. And not focus so intently on other people’s definition of success.


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