Money the ultimate fear

spiders, snakes, heights, they all can instill fear in our irrational minds. Each could kill us under the right circumstances. But the fear money instills in our human minds can cause our untimely demise physical or spiritual it’s still death. As humans we spend all our life trying to accumulate money as a sign of success. And as we get old we try desperately to use the money we accumulated to live our life. (what little time is left). The moments that matter are only stories that others tell. When we accumulate enough wealth to say we have succeeded we then tried desperately to hold onto that to which we call success. To protect it from those who want to take it from us. To which the fear will keep you up at night finding ways to protect your success. You will become sick with greed as you will die alone even though your physical body will go on you are not truly living. The fear of not having the money that we so desperately want and tell yourself you need will devour us into the darkness to which there is no escape. There are some that fear the lack of money so much that they will kill others to achieve the goal of having. My friends we can avoid spiders and snakes. We can choose not to climb. We can also choose to control our successes based on something other than money. To which you and I can live our lives on a unique one-of-a-kind experience remembering the moments that made us smile. Remembering to give back to the world around us. I we must teach our children that they are the gifts to the world the world is not a gift to them. The world will love them, take care of and allow them all the experiences they choose to have. Money will kill the soul and remove the joy of experiencing the world around us. This is why money should be feared above all other. Not because money is bad but because our belief of what money gives us.

Stay happy my friends listen…..¬†

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